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tht_logoThe National Táncház Festival and Fair (Táncháztalálkozó) is a multi-faceted and colourful folklore festival which includes performances by groups presenting their own local traditions, traditional folk artists and musicians, dance groups, professional and amatuer folk dancers, dance-house bands and dance teachings from all over the Carpathian Basin. Also includes ongoing market of traditional crafts, publications and recordings, and concerts of traditional music. As the event of Budapest Spring Festival the National Táncház Festival and Fair is waiting for the lovers of folk arts in every spring since 1982, organised by Dance-house Guild. The National Táncház Festival and Fair has won the qualification of "Excellent Folklore Festival" in 2010 and 2016 on the competitions of Hungarian Festival Association.

36th National TÁNCHÁZ FESTIVAL & Fair:

21–23 April 2017 gobutton